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There are many sources of information concerning the events that occurred at this infamous address in London's Notting Hill during the period from 1943 to 1953. This site does not attempt to cover the subject in depth from the point of view of the criminal history itself and so contains but a summary of events. Rather, it seeks to address some of the misinformation that still surrounds the case including such matters as the precise location of where the old house once stood, together with certain other aspects of the subject as a whole.

As regards location, it is perhaps not surprising that confusion exists:

The street, first developed in 1869, was renamed in May 1954 by the then local authority, The Royal Borough of Kensington (at the direction of the London County Council), because of the scandal and publicity surrounding the events at number 10 between 1943 and 1953. The local residents were justifiably unhappy with the association of the name, and visitors coming to see for themselves caused considerable annoyance and disturbance. The Borough had received a petition signed by eighty-three residents of Rillington Place.

The name "Ruston" was chosen because the road opposite was, by then, called Ruston Mews and "Close" so as to avoid using "Place" again. Although Ruston Close has long since come and gone, tourists still visit Ruston Mews in the mistaken belief that they are seeing the old Rillington Place. This belief is encouraged by the misleading information to be found on other Web sites and elsewhere.

When the present development, including Bartle Road, was being designed, the intention was to obscure the position and layout of the old road thereby preventing a newly-built house being blighted by being readily identifiable as occupying the same plot upon which the old house once stood.

Bartle Road first appeared in the electoral register for 1979-80, the qualifying date for which was 10 October 1978. 1978 saw the first occupants of the new development of the area which was completed in late 1977.

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