W11 aerial (2003)
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Bartle Road and house overlay

Above - the above diagram shows what is believed to be the exact location, size and orientation of the old house at 10 Rillington Place in relation to the current buildings. As can be seen, the bulk of the house and garden once stood where the buildings containing nos. 22 - 29 St Andrew’s Square now are. The datum point coincides with the southernmost flank wall of the building and in line with the edge of the footpath (see picture below) whereas the front door to the house was located where the rear of the ornamental garden now is (please see Contemporary pictures).

Bartle Road aerrial view with house
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Above - a composite of aerial photographs of the immediate area with the outline of the house overlaid (and allowance made for perspective).

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Wesley Square from Lancaster Road

Above - the view from Lancaster Road facing north showing the flank wall of the building at 22 - 29 St Andrew’s Square. The datum point, representing the southwesternmost corner of the old 10 Rillington Place garden, is shown.

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