10 Rillington Place [1970] – film watchalong (1:47)

An unofficial audio commentary for the 1970 film by Rillington Place scholar and podcaster Antony Rotunno and John Christie biographer Dr Jonathan Oates.

10 Rillington Place – Truth & Fiction [part 1] (55 mins)

10 Rillington Place scholar Antony Rotunno hosts a discussion of the famous murder case, which includes critiques of the various books and film and television representations of the shocking events in this tiny house in a run-down area of West London in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as speculation on who really was responsible for the tragic and much-debated deaths of Beryl and Geraldine Evans.

10 Rillington Place – Truth & Fiction [part 2] (53 mins)

Lending their expertise and insights are Dr Jonathan Oates, the author of ‘John Christie: Biography of a Serial Killer’, True Crime historian Lindsay Siviter and John Curnow, writer of ‘The Murders, Myths and Reality of 10 Rillington Place’.