Privacy statement

For the purposes of statutory compliance and the reassurance of visitors to this website, herewith such information as may be either required or of interest regarding cookies, data storage and other associated privacy matters.

All references in this statement to ‘website’, ‘the website’ or ‘this website’ are to ‘Blog’ refers to


This website does not set any cookies in the visitor’s browser.

Log files

As is standard practice, the website’s hosting company maintains raw log files recording every page request to the site. This includes, but is not limited to, the visitor’s IP address, the date and time of access, the ‘URL’ of the page or image requested, the outcome of the request, the ‘user agent’ (web browser) and mobile device type originating the request.

No direct use of these log files is made but they may occasionally be accessed via the webhost’s online portal which provides anonymised summary information from those log files. Examples of this are the ‘top 25’ URLs visited during each calendar month, the geographical spread of people accessing the site and any URLs generating a ‘404’ error message (where for whatever reason a requested webpage fails to be served) in case corrective measures are available to maintain or restore the functional integrity of the website. Accordingly, it follows from this that no personal information is available to be accessed or processed.

Google Analytics

For the purposes of Google Analytics, there will be a small piece of code (provided by Google) embedded in the header of each page. As with log files (above), similar anonymous data is recorded by Google – any use made by this website of Google Analytics information is solely for the purpose of ensuring the best ‘user experience’ – appearance and legibility – on all the devices it is likely to be accessed from and to assist with Google’s search engine ranking algorithms. On occasion, Google may notify the website owner of any issues that have been detected that adversely affect optimal performance in this regard and offer assistance in bringing about improvements and resolutions.


Purchases made via PayPal include such personal information as is required by them for secure and proper transactional purposes to be processed by PayPal in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Some minimal information is accessible by the payee in the normal way but is limited to the PayPal account holder’s chosen username and the date and amount of the transaction concerned. In the event of any query arising, an internal resolution process is offered by PayPal although most purchasers requiring assistance make use of the ‘Help’ feature provided on this website (see below).

‘Help’ function of website

To provide assistance with any pre-sale, post-sale or other enquiries and issues, an email address is provided on the website to allow direct contact with someone able to assist. This inevitably results in the receipt of the email address used by the enquirer for the purpose but this is transacted outside of the website’s functioning (i.e. not via a contact form within the website itself) and is therefore a personal communication as between the parties. Any such email address is retained only for as long as is required to resolve the matter arising and is not subsequently processed, shared or otherwise made use of for any other purpose.


The associated blog provides the facility for visitors to post their questions and comments in the normal way but only receives and displays such username and information as the visitor chooses to provide to open view. The blog does not make use of any WordPress mailing list ‘plug-in’ feature and as such no visitor email addresses are either requested or collected. It follows that no such information can be accessed or processed internally or shared with any third party.

All sites

The website and its associated blog is maintained in the most up-to-date version of the WordPress content management system and utilises all available means to maintain site integrity together with further sophisticated security-oriented features provided by the webhosting company as part of their terms of service to users of their platform. The webhosting company is domiciled in Denmark.


No personally identifiable information is directly collected or otherwise obtained as a result of visiting or making use of this website and it follows that no such information is or can be stored, processed or shared with any third party.

Re-directs and ‘Thank You’ (download) page

The following domains are not separately hosted but redirect to this website and the same statement in relation to privacy therefore applies likewise:

The separately-hosted download page to which visitors are automatically redirected by PayPal following a successful purchase is similarly managed and maintained in accordance with the foregoing and is thus subject to the same terms as per this privacy statement.

Further contact

For any concerns or further enquiries, please see the link below:

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